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Our team has skillfully managed hundreds of body corporates across Queensland, helping owners streamline their processes and stay compliant with property law.

We’ll expertly keep you in the loop, while taking the details off your plate.

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With Queensland-wide body corporate clients of all sizes, we have extensive expertise in legislation, compliance, maintenance, management and more.

Customer Service

Mr Real Estate is known for enthusiastic, 'go the extra mile' service. With hundreds of satisfied customers and repeat business, we know you'll feel valued when you work with our Body Corporate management team.

Local Knowledge

We know the local weather, events, culture and even how the economy affects your property. At Mr Real Estate our grassroots team bring local knowledge to ensure your return on investment.

About Mr Real Estate Body Corporate

A united team, empowering property owners with expert support and care, from day one.

Mr Real Estate started as a small energetic team wanting to transform the property market as an independent real estate agency. Through our experiences, we’ve learnt the power of meaningful customer service, expert support, and passion. Since then, our team has expanded and the Mr Real Estate name is known for selling, buying and property management – but something was missing.

Building on our experience and reputation, we have expanded into Body Corporate Management. This lets us continue offering value to our clients, helping you make the most of your valued investments. Our Body Corporate Management arm draws on an experienced team, with years of experience in body corporate management.

As experts in legislation and changes, compliance, audits, financial management and administrative support, they know how to take care of the details. Already known and loved by body corporate clients across Queensland, you will be able to rest easy in the expert care of the Mr Real Estate Body Corporate team.

Our Services

Our Body Corporate team has the experience, knowledge and local expertise to provide a broad range of management services to help care for your property. We manage all types of property arrangements from corporate high-rises and industrial sites to townhouses, apartments and residential villages.

Property Maintenance
Whether it’s a broken fence or a full renovation, we can handle all the administration of property maintenance. This includes attending to urgent needs, finding and comparing quotes, coordinating scheduled maintenance and updates, and curating a list of reliable suppliers.
Administration and Secretarial
There can be a lot of paperwork and processing when it comes to Body Corporate Management. Our team can do the heavy lifting by taking over the scheduling and arranging of meetings, all correspondence, chairing and assisting in meetings, preparing minutes, providing meeting facilities, and creating the required body corporate statements for owners who are selling their property.
Financial Management
The Mr Real Estate Body Corporate team specialises in simplifying the financial management of what can be a complex property arrangement. Not only can we maintain spreadsheets, balance sheets and budgets on your behalf, but we can also take over all financial correspondence such as issuing account notices, simplifying your payment processes, advising on financial contributions for maintenance, and coordinating tax returns and BAS statements. Contact our team for a comprehensive overview of all the ways we can help.
Staying compliant and up to date with audits has never been easier. Our team can support you in getting regular, independent audits for trust accounts and individual bank accounts.
With Queensland’s wild weather we know that sometimes things don’t always go to plan. No matter what insurance claim is required, our Body Corporate team is there to help. We can handle arranging professional assessments, gathering quotes, processing claims and providing the needed certificates of insurance.
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Our Team

Local experts you can trust and relate to.

Our Body Corporate team has extensive experience looking after hundreds of body corporates across Queensland. We’ve managed body corporates from small, simple residential units to large-scale, complex corporate arrangements. No matter the size, our team is passionate and committed to doing the job well. 

Owners trust us because we are great with the finer details and being transparent between transactions. We are committed to keeping you up to date with compliance and current legislation changes and we care about your property, your investment. We also own Units in Body Corporates and are also Committee members ourselves. This means we understand the unique relations between Body Corporates, Committees and Body Corporate Managers – we know what good service looks like and what you need. 

Our skills lie in keeping you in the loop so you can make important and timely decisions while taking the burden of details off your plate. We’ll help look after your biggest asset so that you can make the most of your investment while also getting back to enjoying life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find what you're looking for? Send us an email or fill out our enquiry form below

It is imperative that you submit a form when you change your residential or postal address email address or mobile contact number. This is to ensure that you continue to receive important communications including  correspondence and notices.

Please login to Owners Portal to update your details via this link.

If you sell your property, or just change ownership, your solicitor will need to submit a change of ownership  Form 8 at the time of settlement. This needs to be provided to your Body Corporate Manager in writing upon settlement.

Click here to view a copy of this form

Please complete an Online Form to fill out a Pet Application and forward to your Body Corporate Manager.

Please note: Pet Applications need to be approved by the Body Corporate Committee as per the By-laws and can take up to 21 days for approval.

If you would like to make changes including renovations or install of any type of item or materials to the exterior of your lot – you must submit a written request.

This must be addressed to the Body Corporate Committee, it will then be scheduled for discussion and approval at the next meeting.

Administrative Fund

The Administrative fund covers the expenditure required to fulfil the costs of the day to day runnings and general maintenance of the common property and Body Corporate assets.

Money spent from the Administration fund is used for repairs, maintenance, insurance charges, administrative expenses and electricity for common areas.

Sinking Fund

The Sinking Fund consists of Owners contributions and money from insurance payouts.

Money spent from the Sinking Fund is used for major expenditures, major repairs or refurbishment to common property and there is to be sufficient monies for  the scheme  to meet its  statutory obligations.

Insurance coverage provided by the Body Corporate is for common property and public liability only and the policy description is available on the owners portal for your review.

Lot owners are reminded of the necessity for them to arrange individual insurance for adequate cover for the contents of their Lots, whether or not the lot is occupied by the lot owner or tenant, including the following:

  • Mobile or fixed air conditioning units servicing a particular lot
  • Curtains, blinds and other internal window coverings
  • Carpets and loose floor coverings
  • Mobile dish washers, clothes dryers or other electrical or gas appliance not wired or plumbed
  • Fixtures which the lessee or tenant can remove at the end of the tenancy

Also, owners should ensure that their Contents cover includes Legal Liability as the Body Corporate Legal Liability cover applies primarily to Common property and also that their Contents cover includes Loss of Rent where a unit becomes uninhabitable due to insurable damage to the contents.

Please submit an online request and include the details of your insurance enquiry.

A Certificate of Currency  (COC) is a document issued by insurers, that confirms the insurance policy is effective and valid. Please submit an online request for further information.

There is an Annual General Meeting (AGM)  held every year within 3 months after your end of financial year, which all lot owners are invited to attend.   

A 25% quorum is required for a general meeting.  Lot owners will be given 21 day notice in advance of the meeting and will receive a meeting notice which includes the date, time and place of the meeting, the agenda, budgets, financials, voting papers and relevant reports, quotes or summaries to your registered email address.

Committee meetings are held as and when the Committee calls a meeting.

The Body Corporate Manager is responsible for supplying the Agreed Services to the Body Corporate. The BCM must always comply with all applicable legislation and regulations and must make records available for inspection by an owner, as required under the Act.

The Body Corporate Manager is not qualified or licensed to give legal advice in any form. If the Body Corporate requires legal advice, the Body Corporate must refer the matter to an appropriately qualified legal practitioner.

The Body Corporate must pay to the Manager the Service Fees listed in the Service Agreement and any fees listed for additional services. The Manager will charge fees to individual owners for services provided at the request of an individual owner; and retain commissions paid by the providers of goods and services to the Body Corporate.

The Body Corporate Manager will maintain a record of all fees paid by the Body Corporate and provide this information to the Body Corporate as required under the Act and other applicable legislation or regulations.

The additional Services, disbursements and agreed service fee may be subjected to change upon each renewal and these changes will be available in the owners portal listed within the new service agreement.

You can still have a say, even if you are unable attend your body corporate meetings. All lot owners can choose a proxy to represent them.

To alert the body corporate that someone will be attending in your place, you need to appoint a proxy by filling in a proxy form and give it to the Secretary or the Body Corporate Manager before the start of the meeting. Who can be a proxy? A proxy might be someone like another lot owner – anyone who has the right to vote at a general meeting.

The proxy holder must be specifically named on the form and it cannot be transferred to a third person.

To make sure the use of proxies are fair, the Queensland Body Corporate and Community Management Act specifies that one person cannot hold more than one proxy if there are less than 20 lots in the scheme.

It is also important to know what Module your body corporate is registered under:

  • For schemes registered under the Standard Module, and with 20 or more lots, a person must not hold proxies for more than 5% of the total number of lots
  • For schemes registered under the Accommodation Module and with 20 or more lots, a person must not hold proxies for more than 10% of the total number of lots

For schemes registered under the Commercial Module and the Small Schemes Module, there is no restriction on the number of proxies a person can hold at a general meeting.

And other restrictions apply.

A Body Corporate Manager, or an associate of a Body Corporate Manager, cannot be appointed as a proxy. And a proxy cannot vote on a motion to engage a person as a body corporate manager or a service contractor, or to authorise a person as a letting agent

A proxy cannot vote on a ballot to elect a member of the committee, or on a motion where the owner has submitted a written vote on that motion.

If the owner is a Corporation please also complete this Company Nominee Form.

For further information on voting, proxies and how they work, please contact your SSKB Community Manager or check out the Queensland Government website.

The Body Corporate and Community Management Regulations requires that a body corporate must be insured for full replacement value, The regulations require that a valuation be carried out a minimum of every 5 years.

Regardless of the original construction cost, to ensure you are properly insured for an insurable event the estimate must include; escalation, demolition/removal of debris, re-design fees and local authority application fees. These are all significant costs over and above the construction cost.

When a lot is owned by a corporation (company), the company must appoint one or more individuals to represent the company for body corporate purposes. The nominee can be any individual person/s chosen by the company.

Even if the company is a sole-director company, or a company established as trustee of a self-managed superannuation fund, a company nominee must be appointed to enable the company owner to vote and interact with the body corporate.

Please complete this form to appoint a nominee.

A sinking fund forecast report provides the Body Corporate with budget information as follows; Identifies the common property items which are likely to require maintenance work and/or replacement. Estimates the year in which the maintenance is likely to occur.

Sinking Fund Forecasts must satisfy the current requirements of the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 (QLD) and Strata Scheme Management Act 1996. Effective 1996, all Strata Schemes are required by law to have a 10 year Sinking Fund Forecast in place. The Sinking Fund Forecast is based on a reasonable estimate of the expected life of the components listed in the forecast.

Before the annual general meeting each year and before your schemes end of financial year (EFY) , the Secretary will send a written invitation to each lot, giving them the opportunity to nominate for committee membership. There is no form for this — the committee can choose how to write the invitation.

If an owner wants to make a nomination, they must send it back to the secretary by the end of the body corporate’s financial year.

A lot owner who is an individual can nominate any of the following individuals:

  • themselves
  • another lot owner
  • a person they have appointed as their power of attorney
  • a member of their family.


A family member means:

  • the lot owner’s spouse, including ‘de facto’ spouse
  • children of the lot owner or their spouse who are over 18 (including a step-child or adopted child)
  • the lot owner’s parents or step-parents
  • the lot owner’s brother or sister.


People who are not eligible to be voting members

A person is not eligible to be a voting member of the committee if they:

  • are a body corporate manager
  • are a service contractor
  • are a letting agent
  • conduct a letting business for multiple lots in the scheme
  • are an associate of a body corporate manager, service contractor or letting agent
  • are a lot owner who owes money to the body corporate at the time when the committee is chosen have been nominated by a lot owner who owes money to the body corporate at the time when the committee is chosen.

A body corporate makes decisions in 2 ways:

  • The committee makes most day-to-day decisions (e.g. approving minor maintenance).
  • Lot owners make more important decisions by voting at a general meeting (e.g. setting budgets and body corporate contributions).

Individual committee members, body corporate managers or resident managers cannot make decisions for the body corporate on their own.

Owners can submit motions to be voted on at general meetings. Motions must be submitted in writing and must be accompanied with documentation to support your motion e.g. quotes, designs, plans  council approvals etc. The committee may also agree to submit motions to be voted on at a general meeting.

The motion can be passed by either:

  • ordinary resolution
  • special resolution
  • resolution without dissent
  • majority resolution

Click here for more information.

Schemes that are registered under a building format plan of subdivision are usually multi-storey buildings like blocks of residential units. Some townhouses can also be registered under a building format plan of subdivision.

In this type of scheme, a body corporate must insure (for the full replacement value) each building that contains an owner’s lot (e.g. a unit or apartment).

Schemes are usually registered under a standard format plan of subdivision if they are low-rise developments. An example is a townhouse complex where there is a building on each lot with a backyard or courtyard.  Often under standard format plan the lot owner can be responsible for maintenance than that of a building format plan e.g. roofing, gutters, external walls.

The lot owner is responsible for insuring their own building if it is  a) free standing — does not share a common wall with another building  b) registered under a standard format plan.

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