Body Corporate Pet Application Form

Seek the Committee's approval to have a pet at the above mentioned premises as per the details set out below;
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 3 files.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 3 files.
A photograph of the pet must be attached please for the Committees reference. A picture can help in the identification of a pet in the future.
The Committee will review your application where this process may take up to 21 days based on the requirements of communication and notice as outlined in the BCCM ACT.

The approval for your pet is subject to the standard terms and conditions as set out below which form part of this application and must be adhered to;

1. The pet must be kept within the lot while it is present on the scheme.
2. No pets or other animals are allowed in the pool and its enclosure at any time (if applicable).
3. The pet must traverse common property only for the purpose of being brought onto or taken off scheme land, at which time the pet must be appropriately restrained.
4. The pet is not permitted to cause a nuisance or interfere unreasonably with any person's use or enjoyment of another lot or common property.
5. Reasonable steps must be taken to minimise the transmission of airborne allergens from the pet to other lots or common property, for example, by vacuuming the lot and grooming the pet.
6. The pet is to be registered as per Council regulations.
7. The Committee reserve the right to rescind the approval for the pet should an allergic reaction to the pet be experienced by any other occupant or owner of any lot within the scheme.
8. Reasonable steps must be taken to keep the pet in good health and free from fleas and parasites.
9. Any animal waste must be disposed of in such a way that it does not create noxious odours or otherwise contaminate the scheme.
10. The Committee shall be entitled to rescind permission of the pet if it reasonably considers the applicant has not complied with these conditions and that the applicant has failed to respond appropriately to warnings about their concerns.
11. Any approval granted only applies to one pet and does not authorize the keeping of any additional, replacement, or substitute animals on the lot.